Vibe Advantages

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SMS increase sales

The more people receiving your SMS, the greater the response to your marketing effort. Studies by Nielsen Mobile indicate 97 percent of mobile subscribers will read an SMS within 15 minutes of receiving it; 84 percent will respond within 1 hour. It brings more opportunities to your company sales by engaging new and existing customers.


SMS marketing not only directed toward the people that you want to reach, it also build and extend your own brand. Most of the popular brands in the world today were smaller brands yesterday. Having a promotion? Want to make an announcement or reminder? Having one-day specials? New store openings? It’s just a click away!

Schedule Bulk SMS

SMS marketing is a great way to build a list that you can send variety of messages to all at one go. You get to choose when to send them out. As your list grows, so can your sales.


From the responses that you are getting from the reporting tool, you can measure the success of your efforts and fine-tune the marketing campaigns and targeted customers for maximum result.

It is Green

No more wasting paper! Every day we throw out countless envelopes and inserts that we never read. Not only does text message marketing reduce waste, your message is also stored on the recipient’s phone! By transitioning to SMS mobile marketing, you will be saving the planet while actually helping your company!

If you want to increase your sales and widen up your business to various places, you can start with us to make your marketing strategies more effective.

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