Transactional SMS Services

Transaction SMS is used for sending alert sms to the recipient. Any kind of information sharing sms comes under transactional sms. VibeSMS offers Transactional SMS services to customers. Transactional SMS Gateways are highly tuned and we guarantee best quality of service. Transactional SMS services used by various applications or services like On-line Stock trading, Market updates, Registration with SMS/E-Mail verification to share the verification codes for sign-in, Two-level authentication in Banking transactions, etc.

At the outset, Transactional Gateways are applicable for sending alerts/reminders/updates to your existing clients. Transactional bulk SMS services are ideal for the businesses which react on instant delivery of information. It is easy to send bulk SMS throughout the globe with our user-friendly web interface. Government has declared certain categorizes to send Transactional bulk sms. Sending marketing content is strictly prohibited on Transactional Gateway. You can send transactional sms to your business customers by following TRAI regulations. So please follow NDNC And TRAI guidelines while sending sms.


Transactional SMS Features:

  • Send SMS with company Name
  • Six character sender id
  • 24×7 delivery
  • Contact management
  • Quick reports
  • Schedule SMS for future
  • Instant delivery
  • Delivery on DND numbers as well

Documents Required

  • Company / business registration certificate
  • NDNC Undertaking on letterhead
  • Identification Proof

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